Beginner program

Beginner program



The beginner program is designed with simple and effective conditioning workout for all individuals especially for those who are overweight/obese and find it difficult to do any movements, who are senior citizens and individuals who are leading a sedentary lifestyle and has sitting job. This program when performed regularly at least for a month helps you perform various other workout movements with ease and without any injuries.


  • Improves your range of motion
  • Conditions joints
  • Helps you prepare for advance movements

Requirement: Mat
Target audience – All age group


This program is designed for a intermediate level program and is safe to perform by all individuals. However, individuals with medical issues or injuries are highly recommended to consult your doctor or Physician and take their approval before enrolling in this program to avoid any abnormal medical condition.
In view of any unanticipated/unpredicted occurrences involving grievous injury, it needs to be taken into consideration that Vinod Channa/VC Fitness shall not be held accountable. The owner shall not be entitled or liable to compensate for the same.