1 Week 1.5Kg Fat Loss Program

1 Week 1.5Kg Fat Loss Program



1 week 1.5kg fat loss program is designed to provide motivation especially for those who are struggling to lose fat in-spite of several attempts.The exercise and diet in this program is framed with years of experience of Mr. Vinod Channa who has provided results to more than 2000+ people.These workouts will surely help you build your strength, stamina, flexibility,agility, speed, mind and body co ordination.


  • Helps lose subborn fat
  • Quick result in short time frame
  • Helps build your confidence
  • Helps kickstart you fitness goals
  • Improves fitness level

Requirements / Instruction – Mat

Target Audience – any age group


This One week 1.5 kg fat loss program involves high intensity and rigorous body movements and workout techniques. It necessitates the adaptability and flexibility of the applicant to be comfortable with mild physical exertion and exhaustion while working out.

This program is primarily intended for those who have been doing some forms of exercises and are quite familiar with the basics of body movements. In other words, a person taking up this challenge should at least be able to do basic/easy exercises without any discomfort or uneasiness.

The above precaution or instruction mentioned is only to avoid any unintended or unexpected serious injury or adverse situation to someone who has never undergone any physical activity or bodily movements throughout their life.

It is highly recommended to consult your doctor or Physician and take their approval before enrolling in this program to avoid any abnormal medical condition.

In view of any unanticipated/unpredicted occurrences involving grievous injury, it needs to be taken into consideration that Vinod Channa/VC Fitness shall not be held accountable. The owner shall not be entitled or liable to compensate for the same.