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Online Fitness Programmes

The one thing pandemic has made us realise is maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever.

With a busy working schedule, squeezing in a fitness routine can be difficult, with technology advancement this is a problem that can be resolved with Online Fitness Training. This opens up the opportunity to work out and learn at your convenience.

Online Fitness Training with Vinod Channa ( Celebrity Fitness Trainer )

Vinod Channa is one of the most preferred Celebrity Trainer and recognized Fitness Consultant for varied health aspects such as Weight training, Body transformation, Diet management, Nutritional guidance, Health issues or injury and any related guidance on personal strength and energy.

Having trained renowned Bollywood celebrities, Vinod Channa aimed to build awareness about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To bring this dream into reality, he has introduced affordable Virtual Fitness Training programs.

These Fitness programs are designed in a way that anyone can start their fitness journey at home.

Highlights of Choosing Vinod Channa’s Online Fitness Programs:

  • Science-Based Bodyweight Workout
  • Build Muscle Without A Gym
  • Boost Your Training & Health
  • Meal Planning
  • Flexibility & Posture
  • Build Strong Muscles & Improve Your Core Strength & Health
  • How to Build Muscle and Lose Fat