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Vinod Channa
Fitness Expert

Vinod Channa is one of the most preferred Celebrity Trainer and recognized Fitness Consultant for varied health aspects such as Weight training, Body transformation, Diet management, Nutritional guidance, Health issues or injury and any related guidance on personal strength and energy.

His Gym is located in the vicinity of Bandra and is better known as his Personal Studio as it has selected set of personalized trainers who works closely under his guidance to help achieve their client’s health requirements.

Vinod Channa’s forte is his inherent ability to adopt and learn new techniques of exercises such as Animal Flow workout, Cross Fit Training, Functional training, Combination workouts and many others listed under ‘Fitness Techniques’ section and applying these aptly to suit each of his client’s body structure, motivation/tolerance level, willingness, lifestyle, threshold capacity and fitness regimen. This customized training approach associated with dietary guidance, experience, nutritional tips, awareness and inspirational environment has always provided desired results to his clients and earned him accolades more often.

Vinod Channa’s strength lies in his ability to instill the belief of extreme possibilities with set role models and fool-proof examples from his past experience with clients of all kinds be it celebrity or regular working class. His flair and timing of keeping a balance between client’s comfort zone and increasing their adaptability towards body uneasiness by gradual training and building confidence in correcting their imperfections first, rather than putting them on fixed pre-defined regimen has brought fruitful results and this has kept his clients keep coming back to him with renewed enthusiasm.

Vinod Channa is known for his unperturbed nature and never-get-carried-away attitude. He never praises more than required for someone outperforming as per his or her potential or undermines anyone’s ability if someone fails to perform basic workout. This comes from his belief of equality in terms of healthy society. Vinod Channa can be best described as ‘A Man of result’ more suitably rather than ‘A Man of words’ which implies to the fact that he always strives and makes their client realize the efforts required towards achieving the desired body types rather than just loose or promising talks. He strongly believes and promotes the fact that each individual should always strive to be fit.

His clear conscience can be seen from the fact that his work satisfaction comes from his client’s achievement of their desired body type and fulfilling their expectations to the core.

His composure, passionate approach and no-frills manner of guidance gradually make his clients mindful of their satisfied unhealthy habits and drive them to work towards one goal of achieving fitness at any cost. Vinod Channa’s study of each individual body structure rather than providing mass training has helped him distinguish and known as Personal trainer more than a Gym Instructor. His focus and dedication towards one individual at a time makes him the most sought-after trainer of today’s times.