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Vinod Channa’s

We offer complete techniques and solutions for gaining muscle or losing fat with proper fitness guidance, Healthy substitutes / options, slight modification in your dietary habits, lifestyle management and creative workout techniques to keep your interest and motivational level going on to achieve desired body weight with gradual, systematic and organized approach.


We offer appropriate type of diet plan for every meal with required nutritional information to suit or fulfil your body requirements based on your body type. This will include creating alternatives to unhealthy eatables and realistic plan to suit your lifestyle and food preferences.


We conduct seminars of fitness training at various levels for Clubs’ Societies, Corporate Gym sessions or any fitness programme for working employees. Our major seminars are conducted to educate importance of different exercise requirements. Our corporate program concentrates on providing proper guidance and basic work out techniques for corporate clients.


Today we see every society has a club, it’s own gym, it’s own play area. But how many of them are really useful in terms of latest equipment’s or proper training? We ensure to provide all high-class modern equipments and training techniques to fulfil each of our client’s body requirements and keep pace with changing lifestyle of today’s times. We focus more on personal training and individual approach to avoid wrong guidance in a group session as every individual body is unique and requires special attention to gain desired results in terms of weight or body change.


We also have one time Guidance program / session (weekly, monthly) by our Expert Celebrity trainer Vinod Channa if you wish to seek only guidance and do not want to enrol entire gym program due to financial reason or time constriants. With this One-time program, you can obtain as much guidance needed to carry out yearly fitness regimen.

Workout program will be set and managed by Mr. Vinod Channa (as per progress chart). Rest of the week will be guided by Trained staff.


Our celebrity specialization program is specially designed for various requirements of celebrities for their particular role. We Train celebrity with different types of work out for different body type, if the requirement is for Muscular body – heavy weight can help, if slim- trim look is a preference – yoga, kick boxing or swimming may work.


Body sculpting is an art. You can Tone, shape, sharpen or sculpt your body under the able guidance of our well Trained instructors.

Vinod Channa offers unique/creative techniques of core-strengthening exercises’ which forms the base of your body transformation to any desired shape as per your requirement.