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How to lose fat in lockdown?

How to lose fat in lockdown?

Lockdown/Fear of getting out/ Keeping safe has taken a toll on the fitness schedule for most of us. During the first wave in the last year, even I was stressed about the business, staff, and due to the pandemic situation and negativity all around, was exhausted mentally. On the other hand, sitting in one room without any movement, either with laptop or mobile or in front of TV, there was no or limited movement. Due to this, within a month, I had lost almost 50 per cent of strength, stamina and flexibility. I realised that it was happening to almost everyone. Many had also put on literally 10kgs within a month.

I figured that unless I do something about it, I will lose my remaining fitness which I have acquired with so much of hard work in all these years. I realised that instead of taking unnecessary stress, I must utilise the available sources for the time being and started working, creating and doing some movements that are extreme and effective which inspires me and others.

Try out these small changes and see how far it takes you:

Willingness to do: If you are not willing to lose fat, no tip or diet will be of any use. Being willingness comes from inside and it is the first step Remember, “where there is a will there is way”.

Exercise is important: There are numerable benefits of exercising regularly from keeping yourself fit to keep diseases at bay. So, start gradually if you have taken a long gap, start with 20 minutes to 30 minutes of body weight training or yoga with alternate day of any cardio activity like spot jogging, stair climbing, skipping. Increase the time gradually up to an hour.

There are simple exercises that can be followed in a mat space:

  1. Free squat
  2. Squat & jump
  3. Burpees
  4. Toe touch crunch
  5. Plank
  6. Mountain climber
  7. Superman poses
  8. Squat with lunges
  9. Side plank
  10. Push ups
  11. Cat camel pose
  12. Worm walk
  13. Triceps dips using chair

Cardio can also be performed with a combination like

10 minutes skipping & jumping jacks

10 minutes Spot jog & mountain climber

Eat right: Follow appropriate nutrition plan wherein you are not starving or undereating. Eating a wholesome meal that includes carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, vitamins minerals and fibre.

– Include required amount of protein in every meal. Best protein options are lentils, tofu, paneer, chicken, eggs, fish etc.

 – Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

– Avoid deep fried food and too much sugar

– Take your last meal 3 hours before you sleep

– Keep hydrating, drink 2.5 litres to 3 litres of water

Keep moving: Do not sit when you can walk or stand. E.g.: Walk while you are talking over the phone, stand while you are sitting ideal or talking, stretch while you are in front of TV or laptop. These small movements make a huge difference and helps you in avoiding back and knee stiffness.

In summary, I would urge you to reverse your thinking pattern and utilize this lockdown phase to explore above mentioned and new way of burning out at home which is in our control rather than stressing yourselves with uncertain fear which is not under your control. I am sure this attempt of physical exertion would work much better than psychological stress.