Why Online Coaching for Body Transformation


Nowadays the pattern of work has changed. There are no physical activities in the workplace. Stress and pressures are increasing, leaving their side effects on our bodies. Corona has taught us the importance of the Immunity system; Lockdown taught us how important it is to be physically active. Fitness is essential for everyone, from children to adolescents, from adults to even old age. Everyone around should keep themselves healthy to face further challenges of life. But many times, we don’t know-how. The half knowledge about diet and exercise that we get from the internet never shows full results and we end up giving up things. Many times it indirectly builds stress and unknowingly further deteriorates our health. 

Every human is born with a different formulation of their body. Few people gain weight quickly, but another person may not gain a single gram with the same diet. Every person has their unique features of digestion, likes, and dislikes, tastebuds react differently, some people like spicy food, and some like to eat fruits hence we believe that health can not be generalized. It needs personal attention and a unique plan which are result-oriented.   

With——years of experience, here at VC Fitness, we have experts to guide each individual based on their lifestyle, work schedule, likes and dislikes, and yes, their timings. 

We have introduced online fitness consultation, which you can avail from the comfort of your home. How far you are leaving, whichever city you are in, can avail the personal consultation on diet and exercise. Our trainer from Mumbai will guide you based on your health, lifestyle, work schedules, and personal habits. These specifically designed plans will transform your body the way you dream of. 

Here are a few benefits of the Online coaching body transformation- 

There are several advantages of being online. Online fitness coaching for body transformation has now been a new trend. Let’s see why you prefer online over conventional Fitness coaching.


  • Adjusted time

Considering the busy schedule of your work, office, studies, and other household duties, our trainer will adjust the timings and contact you in your free time for consultation. The best part here is, based on your proximity, your trainer can even get you on messenger so that you will not miss any of his / her session or instructions. So, what you need to do is, to only give time to your workouts and your diet. We will manage the consultation and instruction timings as per your comfort. Also not the trainer will be available throughout your workout session on video conference. He will best guide you on simple but effective exercises that will show results in a couple of weeks.


  • No contact, No risk

The second benefit is that you will not be travelling to the gym area to be exposed to other people. You can stay home and work hard. No need to sanitize yourself after every activity. No need to wear masks. The best place to get work out is your sweet home. An additional benefit is you can motivate your other family members, especially your kids, as they will be watching you working hard. 


  • Varied types of program 

At VC Fitness, we have several programs made available for the client. Like a personally designed fitness program, the session can also be in person or with a group, or you may attain online video sessions as per our comfort. You can select any three of the type as per your comfort level and timings. 


  • No Traffic, No mess

Wherever you live in India Traffic, long signals, traffic jams, air pollution, and sound pollution are part of your life. Unknowingly you breathe in a lot of pollutant air, which directly affects your health. Even if you sit in your car with closed windows, traffic jams, signals, and sound pollution negatively affect mental health. It’s always better to avoid exposure and travelling on city roads. With online fitness consultation, you save yourself from this hazardous pollution and contribute to the green India movement. 


  • Be in nature, continue on holidays

Instead of travelling on city roads and getting the polluted air in your body, choose the peaceful place near your house. You can continue your Online coaching body transformation session even if you are on holiday and enjoying nature with friends and family. Show off your improved stamina and try competition with your friend for planks. 

Online personal fitness training is bliss; we all can have it along with good health. So Register yourself and feel like a celebrity.