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Does Weight lifting spoils your body and bones in long run? #FitnessMyths


This is a big myth around the people they think bodybuilders, weight lifters get problems in the long run. I disagree because whoever lifts the heavier weight slowly and steadily increases their strength from 5 pounds to 100kgs with appropriate nutrition.

But it’s a slow process and every1 can gain strength with progressive overload and at a certain level, they have that much strength that they can perform with heavyweight which is not possible for people who do not exercise and have a target to reach that level with slow steady and increasing proper weight.

If you lifting heavier weight and are not providing your body proper nutrition or if you are not lifting in the technically correct way or sudden lift more than your capacity, will make you injured.

Bone will spoil in the long run if u lifting 100kg that means u r breaking 100kg of muscle in your body to recover that in 48 hours u need a certain amount of protein, carb fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals.

if u fail to provide this nutrition then the body takes the protein from existing muscle and calcium from bones and if practicing this way for years then instead of getting strong bones it becomes brittle and u lose muscle as well for energy and recovery process.

Nutrition should be taken according to the intensity of the workout and to get benefit from exercise.