Vinod Channa Fitness

VC Fitness is owned by a Celebrity trainer Mr. Vinod Channa. He is also a personal trainer to Business tycoons namely Anant Ambani, Nita Ambani, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Ananya Birla etc and many Bollywood celebrity namely John Abraham, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Harshvardhan Rane, Vivek Oberoi, Arjun Rampal to name a few. One of the best approach at VC Fitness training is the customized workout plan as per individual’s needs, desires, body type and lifestyle. This produce satisfactory outcomes within a short period of time.

Another important feature of VC fitness is to instil a sense of purpose and enthusiasm in the minds of our clients. We acknowledge the fact that regular exercise and unrealistic goals can become monotonous and discouraging sometimes. In order to tackle this, fitness enthusiasts are given more challenging and exciting workouts every time. For example, someone who has never tried animal workout can find crab walking more interesting and less likely to skip the workout. 

Moreover, Vinod Channa has been in this industry for the past 25 years. He has been certified in more than 16 techniques of fitness arena and considered the most awarded trainer of the country. VC Fitness offers various services like personal training, group-ex activities, gymnastics, fitness courses, gym set up etc. It is this combination and variation in such exercises that mostly bring fruitful results and leads to high success rate at VC fitness.

How our centre is positioned in the industry?

Furthermore, although there are many fitness centres in the country, there are few top/authentic trainers available. As per recent news articles and surveys, Vinod Channa seem to be on the top most in the trainers list. His training techniques are not limited to machines only. He has been successful in introducing all advance workouts in India. We have equipped ourselves with best-in-class infrastructure and facilities required for all forms of exercises. 

We offer a one-stop-shop solution to fitness seekers. For example, we have introduced Masala Bhangra in addition to Zumba and other cross workout exercises such as parkour and floor exercises.


Result-oriented methods and time-bound exercise regimen marks our USP. In other words, you get the value of your money you put in for your health. The workout framework created by Vinod Channa with the appropriate mix-match of different techniques provides an effective outcome. Just in an hour of the workout, we provide you not only the strength but covers stamina, agility, speed, endurance, power, mobilty, flexibility, mind and body co-ordination. The workout routine always shows progressive results and takes you to next level of fitness without any muscle wear and tear. For example, Vinod sir always starts with strengthening the core of an individual’s body such as different types of planks and then suggest for weight lifting.

How are we helping people achieve a more holistic well being?

We provide a complete package of fitness with cross-fit, parkour, Zumba, animal workout and floor exercises. Our flagship offering is the personalized training plan created by Vinod Channa which gives guaranteed results. This includes studying an individual’s body types, dietary habits, stamina and state of mind and design a plan accordingly. At VC Fitness, we try and make people aware of their well being and health, help them achieve their higher target that further helps them to be confident and content with their body.

Trainers at Vinod Channa Fitness as their wellness partner?

Trainers who join VC Fitness are certified from various institute. However, when they              join VC Fitness, they are trained further in different workout techniques as per Vinod Channa’s experience and plan. Each of them has an expertise in one or the other areas. For example, if one trainer is good with cross-functional training, the other one knows more of heavy weight lifting.

How are you resolving lifestyle diseases and issues through wellness?

Lifestyle disease is the top most disease in today’s age that happens because of our sedentary lifestyle, stress, lack of knowledge in selection of food. We educate our clients about the pros and cons of every diet and suggest them to choose food and lifestyle that benefit them throughout their life. We educate them on how to meet their nutrition by selecting right food while they are partying or on a trip and easy to follow. Most importantly, we provide them healthy alternatives of their every cravings about junk food. One of our approach is that we recommend our clients to use curd instead of cheese or butter wherever possible. For example, Oats dosa can be made with curd as its base to stick the crushed oats. Even in the sandwiches, curd can be used as an adherent. Likewise, protein bars and laddoos that we recommend can be very good replacement for oily snacks. 


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